National PSHE CPD Programme

Regional Advisor

John was appointed as RA to the Yorkshire and Humber region in February 2007 and has successfully supported 'local leads' working with Teachers, community Nurses and other Health Professionals.

PSHE CPD for Teachers and Community Nurses

John has been Lead Trainer for the PSHE CPD course for Teachers in Devon and York and Community Nurses in Hull.

National Assessor

John has been a National Assessor for the PSHE CPD programme since 2006.
John Rees, PSHE Solutions. consulting on Personal, Social and Health Education.

John has been lead trainer for the national certification in PSHE for teachers in Devon for phase 3 (2005/06) and phase 4 (2006/07). 100% of the phase 3 teachers and nurses who submitted final portfolios achieved Certification and all really appreciated the training...

“Thank you for all your support - remember you were the inspiration for us to aspire to - you have introduced me to so many sources of useful information to keep my finger on the national pulse!” Devon Nurse, 2006

“I have done a lot of work for the PSHE portfolio but have really enjoyed doing it. Most importantly I feel in a stronger position to support other staff in school with their understanding and delivery in the classroom. Thank you again for a rewarding course. I am now supporting my two colleagues with their portfolios!” Devon teacher, 2007

“The course has impacted positively on my PSHE teaching, with particular reference to assessment and evaluation. Assessment of PSHE, including children’s self assessment, is on our SDP, and because of the course, I feel confident enough to lead staff and governors in this aspect of school improvement.” Devon Teacher 2008

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